Friday, September 28, 2012

The Gatherings on the Prairie

The Gatherings re-opens September 28 at 10 am!
Winter holidays bring happiness and when the holidays arrive in September it is pure JOY!  That's exactly what happens outside of the gates of Fort Riley in a fabulous little shop called
 "The Gatherings on the Prairie".
Days after we moved into Quarters One my friend, Theresa, introduced me to Rob Dudley and Rick Munson, the proprietors of the Gatherings, and I became their biggest fan!
It's where the Army sends us..I'm so glad it sent us to Fort Riley!
All year long the Gatherings is filled with beautiful home decor and things you never knew you needed.  It is my absolute go to place for gifts large and small and it's my number one destination spot when I have a decorating dilemma...there is plenty of help and talent to be found with in these well decorated walls.
But, ahhh, September...that's when the magic really happens! The Gatherings shutters their windows and doors for two weeks and the store is totally transformed into a Winter Wonderland.  I, mistakenly, missed out on the first few weeks of the Gatherings holiday season last year. A mistake I will not repeat this year! I was honored to be able to take a sneak peek of the store and I am excited to share my photos with you. Even if you don't live in  Kansas I hope you'll enjoy this pictorial tour and maybe get some great ideas for 2012. And if there's some thing you really love, give Rob a call, he might just be able to make your Christmas wish come true!
These wonderful Christmas pillows, many of which are Rob's own designs, will make you feel  Very Merry!
Red is in the house! Amaryllis, velvet ribbon, antiqued ornaments....perfect for "Big Red One" decorating!

Rob used the term "Rustic Glitz" to describe this year's holiday theme...I think he made that up on the spot but I love the way it sounds and the way it looks!  
I believe!
No matter the season, each time I walk through the doors of The Gatherings I am excited to see all the sweet things it has to offer. More than that I am excited to see my friend, Rob. When the day comes for us to leave Quarters One and Fort Riley I know that the most precious gift  that I will take with me from the Gatherings is that of friendship.

Thank you, Rob and Rick, (and Susan, too!) for truly creating a place where we can all gather on the prairie...and for being so good to me and all of my Army Family.

I'm dreaming....
The Gatherings on the Prairie
615 North Washington Street, Junction City, KS
Mon-Fri 10-6 and Sat 10-4 (Closed Sunday)

If you would like to see more photos of The Gatherings on the Prairie look for us on Facebook at . You can also visit (and like!) the Gatherings on Facebook.
'Til next time....Duty First!

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