Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Simple Fall

Fall comes to Quarters One
I'm so glad Halloween is behind us. It's not that I have anything against it, I've just never been a big fan of spooky decorating.  I prefer uncarved pumpkins and decorations that take us right through Thanksgiving. It's probably a function of my age, of course, there was a day when my children were small and our quarters were bursting with pumpkin guts, candy, and costume frenzy!
These days I choose a simple way of decorating with organic materials and as little fuss as possible. Here are some of my favorite fall photos from Quarters One and the web.

I love unconventional pumpkins...and white dishes!! (From Pinterest)

I can't get enough of white pumpkins this year....if you can't find them try painting the orange version!

I just love snuggling them everywhere!

The front hall mantle, a mixture of textures all done in a neutral palette.
Princess, heirloom, Cinderella pumpkins...whatever you call them they are so vintage looking
You never know where they'll turn up.

Love this from Pinterest, so simple yet it says "Fall"!
 Bittersweet is a beautiful vine...even just a sprig calls out Fall in a big way.

 I just love decorating with ivy, it's quite hardy if you get the right kind. I love this monogrammed pumpkin, it's been part of our decor for about 5 years now.
La Bella Luce's porch is ready for the season.

Of course sunflowers are a must for any fall decor...personally, I have them in Quarters One all year round because they represent two of my favorite assignments, Italy and Kansas. These sunflowers are paired with kale, love the combination.

I'm not a big fan of mums but I love these fall blooming hydrangeas that grow in the garden at Quarters One.

I love a reason to use our dishes from Deruta, the colors are fabulous, but if you can't get to Italy to find them you can also try Home Goods or TJ Maxx...a great source!

Sweet idea from Better Homes and Gardens.
From Pinterest, another version of fall, neutrals, love this too, I am going to try to recreate this for Thanksgiving this year.
Last fall we were privileged to have some of our local mayors and their spouses as guests of Quarters One, we began our afternoon with a tour of post, courtesy of the Commanding General's Mounted Color Guard. If you haven't been to visit our historic stables I hope you get the chance to do so.
Happy Fall from Quarters One! 
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'Til next time...Duty First!

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