Wednesday, August 29, 2012

La Bella Luce

"Every lock should have a key and every key should have a tassel"

A tassel from Venice hangs on an armoire we bought in Germany
(Quarters One annex)
My dear friend, Aly, said this to me once as we whirled through a fabric market in Piazzola sul Brenta, Italy.  Quarters One, with it's French country and Italian villa decor, is partially the result of my long friendship with this fiery Cuban chick from Miami. I love her and her sense of style. Her amazing taste in decor and talent for entertaining makes her a remarkable woman.  Aly can turn any plain set of  quarters into something out of Home Beautiful overnight. Did I mention she is the wife of a deployed Soldier and taking great care of the families in their unit? Raising two children? And managing her shop "La Bella Luce" in Clifton, VA from Italy where they are stationed? Army Wife extraordinaire!

On Main Street in historic Clifton, VA
Pronounced La Bella LOO-CHAY meaning beautiful light
I don't think Aly even remembers saying the line above to me.  I think about it constantly as a metaphor for taking the most simple of things or spaces and making them beautiful.  Big or small, military quarters or a simple apartment, your space should tell your story in your own way.
 And don't put it off. Today is your day.
Here are some photos from La Bella Luce which always gives me great inspiration (not to mention unique treasures)  for much of Quarters One.  Stop in the next time you're on Main Street in Clifton for a good idea or a great find, you won't regret it.  If you can't get to the market in Piazzola sul Brenta then this is the next best thing!

Take ordinary and make it extraordinary
(and a chandelier is never out of place)
La Bella Luce's venue is an historic home, it makes it all the more fun to shop and get ideas
Italian wine jugs known as  damigiana (s)
Love this cucina
Another kitchen view
Sweet dreams
Even the bathroom is full of vintage finds

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'Til next time...
Duty First!

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